Common Heel Injuries and Causes of Pain

Because your feet are heavily relied upon for your mobility, the pressure can cause pain and other issues. While your foot may be small, it has more than 26 bones, 33 joints, and over a hundred tendons. Your heel is the largest bone in your foot and likely experiences the most stress as it is the point of connection as you take strides walking and running. Below you will find the most common heel injuries and causes of pain, and what you can do about it.

Most Common Causes of Heel Pain and Injury


Sprains and strains often result from accidents or from physical activity. While the range in severity of sprains is vast, they do impact your heel, foot, ankle, and overall gate due to the pain and inflammation caused by it.


While sprains may be more painful, breaks are a medical emergency that need to be taken care of immediately. Breaks can impact your heel, foot, or ankle bones and can be very painful.

Plantar Fasciitis:

This condition is one of the most common causes of heel pain. The condition involves the thick band of tissue that runs across the bottom of your foot and connects to your heel bone. When it becomes inflamed it can cause excruciating pain that feels like stabbing, but often gets better once you move around a bit. However, moving can also exacerbate the issue. So treatment is often necessary.

Achilles Tendonitis:

This involves the tendon that attaches the calf bone to the heel. This often becomes inflamed due to overuse. This is because this tendon is used when you walk, run, jump, and stand on the balls of your feet.


This is a condition that involves fluid-filled sacs found around your joints. The fluid-filled sacs are called bursae and they cushion your bones, tendons, and muscles near your joints. When one of these becomes inflamed it is referred to as bursitis.

Treatment for Heel Pain

Heel pain can impact your gate and cause problems with more than just your foot. If your gate is impacted by heel pain it can also impact your ankles, knees, hips, and back. If you have experienced any of the following symptoms for more than two to three weeks, it’s time to contact a podiatrist for medical help.

  • Severe pain
  • Sudden pain
  • Redness or swelling in your heel
  • An inability to walk

A podiatrist can help with your heel pain in Palmdale. Getting treatment from a medical professional is often necessary when it comes to heel pain as at-home remedies can be ineffective. Depending on the unique cause of your heel pain, a podiatrist can provide effective treatment options. It may include custom orthotics, medication, injections, or even a surgical procedure depending on the issue. Getting your heel pain treated sooner than later is vital as early treatment is a direct indication of a better outcome long-term. In the meantime, before your appointment, take it easy on your feet. Try and stay off of them as much as possible and ask your podiatrist if there are any other measures you should take before you come into the office.

Treat Common Heel Injuries and Causes of Pain Today

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