How to Make High Heels Comfortable

Without a doubt a good pair of heels can make you feel powerful, beautiful, and more confident. Heels can also add a few inches to your height and make your legs look slimmer. Despite all of the benefits of heels, they can be taxing on your feet. From blisters to sore feet, heels can be a pain. However, there are ways you can make high heels more comfortable. Below you will find some of the best ways to keep your heels on and make the experience of wearing them more comfortable. 

How to Make High Heels Comfortable

It won’t be easy, but it is possible to make high heels comfortable. There are temporary fixes, but perhaps the most effective means is to

Fat Pad Augmentation: 

For those who need to wear heels often,fat pad augmentation can make wearing heels more comfortable. Depending on the natural wear and tear on your feet, the fat pads can wear down significantly. This can make walking or standing difficult as you essentially have bone-to-skin contact with the floor. A fat pad augmentation can help with this, making it feel easier to walk in heels but moving around in general. The fat pad can provide a cushion that was previously worn down.

Heel to Toe:

Walking in heels is half the battle, so focus on the way you walk. The best way to maintain comfort is to walk as you naturally would, heel to toe. You can also engage your abs so that you aren’t just stomping forward uncontrollably. This can place more stress on your feet, ankles, knees, and hips.

Adjust the Height:

If you can, opt for heels that are lower. Heels with one- to two-inches are manageable. However, if you find the perfect heel that is higher, you can always go to a shoe repair shop and have the heel reduced. Every inch counts in terms of comfort, so if you find the right pair of heels, know that you can always get an inch taken off to make them more comfortable. 

Break Them In: 

Stretch your shoes out and wear them in well. You can do this by wearing thick socks and walking around the house in your heels. You can also use your hairdryer to warm them up before you do this to help stretch them out a little more. This can make walking more comfortable and save you from blisters!

Opt for Platforms:

If you can, choose platform heels as they have the benefits of adding height and making your legs look sleek. However, they are also less of a sharp angle as compared to stilettoes. 

Know Your Feet: 

Wear heels that work with the shape of your natural foot. For example, if you have wider set toes, do not wear pointed heels. If you have toes that cascade down from your big toe to little toe steeply, stay away from shoes that have a flat tip. Focus on heels that work with your natural foot shape, so you don’t put your toes in harm’s way.

Used Padded Inserts:

If the pads of your feet are the main issue, you can use padded inserts to soften the harshness of heels. These are a cost-effective way to continue wearing your favorite heels without all of the pain. 

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