Signs You Need Orthotics

Orthotics are a special insert that goes into your shoe that can provide relief when it comes to foot, leg, and back pain. They are custom-made just for you, so they will address your unique needs. It is a highly effective treatment option that can provide you with a lot of benefits beyond just reducing pain. Below are some of the most common signs you need orthotics.

Signs You Need Orthotics

If any of the following apply to you, it’s time to seriously consider orthotics.

Posture : Many professions and day-to-day activities require that you stand for long periods. If you stand for more than five hours each day, you would greatly benefit from orthotics. This is because standing on your feet for so many hours can cause plantar fasciitis. The ligament in your foot that goes from your heel to your toe is called your plantar fascia. Standing for too long can place major stress on this ligament and cause you a lot of pain and discomfort. Orthotics can help relieve the tension and pain caused by the strained ligament.

Consistent Pain and Discomfort : While a hard workout or a long day of standing can cause you some pain, your feet shouldn’t hurt all of the time. If they do, there is usually an issue that needs to be addressed. Orthotics are dynamic in the amount of problems they can solve when it comes to your feet.

Old Footwear : While you may have shoes that look like brand new on the outside, they can still suffer from wear and tear on the inside. Shoes that are older can lose all of their support in the insole. If you can’t seem to part with your favorite pair of shoes, consider orthotics as they can provide the support needed for you to look and feel great in them.

Arch Issues : Everyone’s arches are different. Some have no arch and others have a high arch. If you have either, you likely need orthotics as the insole that comes with shoes will not be enough. Orthotics can provide the support needed to ensure your foot is free from any pain or discomfort.

Recent Injury : If you have recently had an injury that impacted your hip, knee, leg, or ankle, it can impact your feet. This is because your gate, or the way you walk and move around, needs alignment. If it is not in alignment, it can cause problems. Orthotics can help compensate for any recent injury in order to ensure your feet are supported and free from pain.

Benefits of Orthotics

While you may want to just go get some shoe inserts from your local Target or Walmart, they will likely do more harm than good. They can cost you more time and money in the long run without addressing the root issue. Custom orthotics in Ventura are highly beneficial and effective in addressing the cause of your foot pain. Below are some of the major benefits of custom orthotics.

Pain Relief : First and foremost, custom orthotics can help with pain relief. This can be a complete game-changer as pain can negatively impact your daily life.

Medication Free : Many people are quick to take pills to relieve their pain and discomfort. However, orthotics are a prescription-free way to address your foot pain.

Discreet Support : Orthotics are a great way to treat your foot pain discreetly. They go right into your shoe, and nobody would even know you had any issues in the first place.

Orthotics in Camarillo

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