What Diseases Can Cause Arthritis?

Arthritis is an incredibly common condition that impacts millions of people worldwide – in fact, it’s one of the world’s most common causes of disability. The primary symptom of most kinds of arthritis is aching and swelling in the joints and extremities.

There are many different subtypes of arthritis, and they all have their own causes and sources. There are many diseases that can cause the development of different types of arthritis. Knowing which one is affecting you can help you in your path in managing it and employing ankle arthritis treatment.

What Diseases Can Cause Arthritis?

If you’re suffering from arthritis or know someone who is, this guide describes the kinds of diseases that can cause it.

Types of Arthritis

There are many different types of arthritis. Diseases cause some, while others are caused by the natural wear and tear on the joints of the body over time. Determining which type of arthritis you are suffering from can help you determine whether or not a disease causes yours.

Some types of arthritis behave in ways that are very similar to other types of disease. For example, Rheumatoid arthritis causes pain in the joints and extremities via autoimmune inflation. This means that efforts to obvert the pain caused by this type of arthritis physically usually don’t make much of an impact.

Autoimmune Arthritis

As stated before, several types of arthritis originate from autoimmune malfunction. The following types of arthritis are organized under this type of categorization:

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is the second most common type of arthritis in the world after osteoarthritis. In this type of arthritis, the joints and extremities are afflicted by heavy amounts of inflammation. In more severe cases, other internal organs such as the heart and lungs can also be impacted by this inflammation.


Gout is a type of arthritis that involves the overproduction of a compound known as uric acid. As the body produces this type of chemical to excess, the uric acid is deposited in the joints of the body, which causes the patient pain and discomfort via inflammation in the joints.


Scleroderma is another type of autoimmune arthritis that can cause thickening and hardening of the skin. In addition, the connective tissues of the joints can be affected, which causes high amounts of pain.


Lupus is a type of chronic autoimmune disorder that tends to impact African American women most commonly. Lupus is a very destructive condition that can cause high amounts of inflammation in the joints, tendons, and internal organs.

Juvenile idiopathic arthritis

This type of arthritis most commonly affects children and is primarily expressed via inflammation and joint stiffness. On the bright side, children can often outgrow JRA. However, it does have the potential to affect bone development in children who are still growing.

Ankylosing spondylitis

This is a condition that causes the bones of the spine to grow closer together. In addition, it has the potential to impact other parts of the body and cause inflammation. Some of the parts of the body that are affected include the hips, ribs, shoulders, and the joints of the hands and feet.

Treating Autoimmune Arthritis

Treating autoimmune arthritis is different from the treatments prescribed for the most common type of arthritis, osteoarthritis. This aforementioned condition is primarily physical and is treated through physical therapy and other methods focused on increasing flexibility.

On the other hand, autoimmune forms of arthritis such as Rheumatoid arthritis require other forms of treatment thanks to the fact that the discomfort experienced through the condition primarily comes from the immune system attacking itself, provoking inflammation. Some of the most common forms of treatment for these types of arthritis include the following methods:

  • Massage
  • Medications
  • Nerve stimulation
  • Heat and cold
  • Antirheumatic drugs
  • Corticosteroids
  • Acid therapy

Determining which type of treatment will be most useful for your situation will require an accurate diagnosis from a physician trained to identify the subtle differences between the diseases. From there, a diagnosis can be made and a proper treatment plan drawn up. Repeat consultation may have to be made in order to determine the best path forward for your treatment and well-being.

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