What To Do If You Have Weak Ankles

Your ankles are integral to the proper function of your gait. Your ankle joints and muscles are used on a daily basis and can be impacted by the wear and tear of daily life. This can take a toll on your ankles and cause weakness. Having weak ankles can increase your risk of instability, sprains, and potentially a break. Below you will find what to do if you have weak ankles.

What To Do If You Have Weak Ankles

Weak ankles are often accompanied by foot pain, loss of balance, and difficulty keeping your ankles straight when you stand or walk. If you have weak ankles, you may also experience sprains more frequently. Avoid the risks associated with weak ankles and consider the following tips.

Proper Footwear:

For those with weak ankles, it’s important to avoid wearing heels. Proper footwear that is supportive and fits is important. Supportive footwear can cushion the shock caused from the daily wear and tear caused by walking. Custom orthotics may be necessary and can be really helpful for those with weak ankles. It’s important to work with a skilled podiatrist and avoid over-the-counter options. Customized orthotics prescribed by a podiatry professional are much more effective and will not cause you more harm if you have weak ankles.

Physical Activity:

One of the most effective at-home remedies for weak ankles is physical activity. Exercise can help you strengthen your feet, ankles, and legs. This can help provide the necessary support to improve your weak ankles. It’s important to work at your own pace and make measured advances based on your own fitness level. However, there are some helpful at-home exercises that can improve your weak ankles. Before trying any new exercises, talk with a skilled podiatrist. They can provide a treatment plan that is right for you based on your unique needs.

Schedule Podiatry Appointment:

Weak ankles can cause a lot of serious issues that can lead to injury and long-term pain. If you have weak ankles it’s important to work with a podiatrist. They are experts when it comes to the health of your feet and ankles. A podiatrist can help diagnose your ankle issues and provide you with healthy options to strengthen them. Podiatry in Ventura can be beneficial for your short- and long-term physical health.

Risks Associated with Weak Ankles

Avoiding treatment if you have weak ankles can cause a number of other more serious issues. If you have put off making an appointment with a podiatrist, consider the following risks associated with weak ankles.

  • Sprains: People with weak ankles are at a higher risk for sprains. Sprains can take weeks to recover from and can severely impact your daily life. Once you sprain your ankle you are at a higher risk of doing it again.
  • Fractures: Weak ankles can also place you at a higher risk for fractures. This will require ankle fracture treatment and can take a considerable amount of time to recover from. Just like sprains, ankle fractures can negatively impact your daily life.
  • Pain and Discomfort: Weak ankles can cause unnecessary pain and discomfort. This can impact your ability to walk and exercise. Weak ankles often cause pain due to the muscle weakness around your foot structures. Frequent ankle rolling can also cause pain even if the issue doesn’t result in a sprain or fracture.
  • Balance Issues: Issues with balance can result in injury. However, they can also cause you embarrassment if you roll your ankle or fall in public. A podiatrist can help you work on exercises that can strengthen your ankles and improve your balance.